A Nine-Year-Old Taught Me Something

My nine-year-old granddaughter is running for student council president. She did this all by herself. She called me a couple weeks ago and told me that she was going to be running! I encourage her to go for it and now this! I left at 6 o’clock this morning to go pick up my granddaughters for the weekend. Had been feeling a little down all week because a speaking engagement got canceled because the pastor didn’t like my comments about Trump. I thought more of him, but sadly was not surprised by it! There was a time when doctrinal heresy kept you out of conservative pulpits, now it’s political critiques.

My granddaughter gave me perspective on it all. Here is a leadership principle God taught me through my granddaughter: “Never worry about those that overlook you; when the future generation of leaders is looking up to you.”

Thank you Joanna, papa loves you!

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